Fancy Getting Your Hands on Relics Nuem Artwork?

May 11, 2012 by brennon

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The folks over at Tor Gaming have an interesting proposition for all you fans of the Nuem Faction in Relics. Check out the preview concept of some artwork that you could get your hands on...

Nuem Preview ArtworkThis artwork is just one of four new pieces being done for the Nuem Faction. You can get your hands on them by simply donating to their cause through the IndieGoGo campaign. When you back their project with a Target Busting perk you will receive these Nuem art pieces in postcard form with your rewards.

As well as art and Nuem, Tor Gaming have opened up the rewards to include not just the Nuem faction. So if you fancied getting into Relics but prefer another faction now you can get your hands on a Starter Set by simply helping out with everyone else.

More information on this change is in the video above.

Are you excited for the Nuems arrival?

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