Fantasy Flight Games Heavy Crossbowmen Prepare For Battle

August 8, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Fantasy Flight Games have released a detailed update for the previously teased Daqan Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion.

Daqan Heavy Crossbowmen Box Spread

"Despite the many differences across the various companies of the Daqan military, the heavy crossbowmen are unified in battlefield doctrine: to support and protect their allies in combat. Whether motivated by duty or coin, heavy crossbowmen are integral to defending the Land of Steel from the forces of darkness at its borders."

Heavy crossbowmen could act as Hero hunters with the ability to use surges to add Mortal Strikes to enemies between range-1 and range-3. Adding in the surge icon from their command dial means that units caught in the open could face terrible damage.

Daqan Heavy Crossbowmen Card

Being equipped with nearly impenetrable armour and shields, however limits the units speed, meaning that their command dial offers only marching speeds of one or two.

Daqan Heavy Crossbowmen Command Dial

A white march modifier though means that a slow and steady advance is available no matter what action you decide to pair it with.

Having a melee attack on a four initiative alongside a hit modifier means that these guys are no slouches in melee also.

Runewars Visored Helms

The unit could become even better at bogging down key enemy units if paired with the Visored Helms upgrade which can grant an extra defense against an attack.

Daqan armies now having a solid ranged attack troop choice makes them far more intimidating to me and I think most armies outside of cavalry heavy lists could benefit from a unit of Heavy Crossbowmen

What do you think of this new unit and their impact on the battlefield?

"Heavy crossbowmen could act as Hero hunters with the ability to use surges to add Mortal Strikes to enemies..."

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