FFG Announces Wave III For Star Wars Armada

March 17, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next wave of ships for their popular game Star Wars Armada.

If you were expecting big ships this time around and awesome weapons, well you will be a little disappointed. But, fear not these little support ships do a lot for your fleet as a whole.

Let's find out more about what this means.

Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack

The Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack brings the  Gozanti-class cruiser to the Imperial fleet and while this ships are not as intimidating as an Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

They indeed bring a special surprise to the party with their special abilities that do not much for their own ships but add some impressive additions to your fleets bigger ships with special assets such as Bomber Command Center and Comms Net.

This gives the behemoths the added flexibility to be more manoeuvrable and combat worthy ( like they needed more weapons).

Rebel Transports Expansion Pack

For the Rebels there is the Rebel Transports Expansion Pack, which includes the GR-75 medium transports.

Again, not the most impressive (there is that word again, anyone else hearing Vadar's voice?) ships in the galaxy but they do have their benefits.

They have the ability to add Repair Crews to your fleet, so when they are getting hammered by the Empire they can stay in the fight longer. They also bring with them new commanders and crew members with special skills that can enhance your fleet.

These ships for both sides will be as a floatilla set-up, meaning that there will be two of each ship mounted on a standard base. These are in plastic and in full colour of course. They will be arriving in the third quarter of this year.

Does your fleet need support?

"...fear not these little support ships do a lot for your fleet as a whole."

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