Fight Through Cobblestone Streets With Deep-Cut Studio

June 25, 2021 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has put together a new gaming mat that would be well suited to those playing our Fantasy and/or Historical games. If you want to take to an urban environment then you can tinker with their updated Cobblestone Streets mat.

Cobblestone Town - Deep-Cut Studio

Cobblestone Town // Deep-Cut Studio

This new design gives you a little more of a detailed look at a town or city that you could skirmish in. You've got those winding streets for you to play around with as well as those plots where you can put towering looking houses.

Cobblestone Town Full - Deep-Cut Studio

Cobblestone Town Full // Deep-Cut Studio

I like the look of this as the setting for a skirmish game or two. You could have a riot in the streets or perhaps two warbands have tried to take on a raid of a particularly important house at the same time?

As always, these gaming mats come in a variety of different sizes and in alternative materials too. Let us know what kind of games you'll be using this for!

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"Let us know what kind of games you'll be using this for!"

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