Finished Wrathborn Resin Miniatures & Troll Sighted

May 11, 2015 by brennon

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Wrathborn have shown off a few images of the resin masters for their Norndrassel faction as well as the huge Lycans that will be stalking through the wilderness of their fantasy game...

Norndrassel Warriors

Below are the Norndrassel Warriors in their various armed and armoured forms. I really like all of the sculpts that have the whole Viking/Saxon thing going on making them something I might have to pick up just to keep them as part of my growing collection of similar miniatures.

Warrior #1

Warrior #2

Warrior #3

If going mad is more your thing then you might want to swing around two different 'weapons' with this starkers Barbarian from the faction too which you can see below.


As you can see he is very much in the all together and swinging around a very big axe. I suppose when people are looking at his groin they will be too distracted to avoid the crushing blow from that weapon of his. A pretty cool model with some neat over the top musculature.

Howl At The Moon

If you prefer your warriors to be bestial then see what you think of the Lycans who have turned out quite nicely indeed. I like that they've got the almost Circle Orboros look to them but a bit more lithe.

Lycan #1

Lycan #2

The next step for these miniatures is to see them head off to make more and then of course some final painted versions. I think with the right kind of paint scheme you'd have some awesomely gnarly looking Werewolves ready for the tabletop.

They Have A...

....Snow Troll. In terms of monsters there's nothing more fun (to me anyway) than an awesome Troll. Wrathborn is going to have one of them on the tabletop and you can see the first artwork piece for it below.

Snow Troll

It's going to be neat seeing this take shape. I also want to know what on earth this Snow Troll killed to get a bone that big! If it's able to bring down something like that I don't hold out much hope for the regular heroes in the game.

What do you think of the resin masters?

"I also want to know what on earth this Snow Troll killed to get a bone that big!"

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