Fireforge’s Spellcasters & Swordsmen Meet In Forgotten World

December 3, 2019 by brennon

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If you're looking to dive into the Forgotten World with Fireforge Games then you now have the option to pick up some characters to lead the way as your army masses on the tabletop. There are four new heroes available.

Forgotten Worlds Characters - Fireforge Games

The characters you have here include two fighting for the Northern Kingdom. Leading the way you have Aylard The Youngest who looks like he might have had leadership forced upon him, having to learn the ropes of warfare and command after the death of his father to the Living Dead in battles across their lands.

Aylard The Youngest - Fireforge Games

Maybe he is getting some expert tutelage however from this fellow, Orphen The Druid. This chap has quite the Merlin-esque quality to him and I love the pose, summoning up magic which summons twisting roots covered in barbs to tear the undead apart and send them back into the grave. There is a classic Beast Wizard/Priest of Taal quality to the model which I love as a classic Warhammer fan.

Orphen The Druid - Fireforge Games

You could imagine him being a stern and wise old mage who has decided to leave his hut in the wilderness in order to try and hold back the undead threat. Perhaps his teaching might appear harsh and Aylard resents him at times but knows that he is a powerful ally to have on side.

The Unquiet Dead

On the other side of things, we have a terrifying Living Dead leader in the form of Venkhalt The Soulreaper. Whilst I imagine this fellow was a long-dead warlord who has been summoned to life by the other character we're about to meet I like the idea that perhaps this could actually be Aylard's father.

Venkhalt The Soulreaper - Fireforge Games

Imagine how cool that would be in a narrative format! Xaquir The Necromancer (see below) was jilted by the court of Venkhalt for his practices in dark magic, seeking only to try and prolong the life of mankind. Then, in a moment of spite and malice, he used his magic to summon an undead army which fought and brought down the forces of Venkhalt and the Northern Kingdoms.

Xaquir The Necromancer - Fireforge Games

Now, clad in the armour of his forebears and under the sway of Xaquir, Venkhalt leads a force of the undead against his son who must face him in battle. You could come up with some great rules for running a campaign between these forces and others that step into the fray whilst also including some special rules for terror or fear when the son must battle the father.

What do you make of the new models from Fireforge Games and what story would you weave into the mix?

"Now, clad in the armour of his forebears and under the sway of Xaquir, Venkhalt leads a force of the undead against his son who must face him in battle..."

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