Firelock Preview Oak & Iron Ships As Pledge Manager Opens

April 17, 2019 by brennon

Firelock Games have shared some previews with us of the finalised ship cards for use in their upcoming game, Oak & Iron. Come and check them out as we run through what it all means!

Brigantine - Firelock Games

So, as we're looking at these cards we'll run through some of the iconography here. To the left of the image of the ship, you'll see a Hull Icon. This shows you how many hits it takes to cause a point of damage. The Cannon Icon is there to show you the ships Broadside Rating. This equates to the number of dice fired in a broadside attack.

Light Galleon - Firelock Games

Next up we have the Sword Icon and this relates to the ships crew rating. This will be the number of dice rolled when you're making attacks during boarding actions and the like. Everyone likes a good boarding action!

As well as that we also have the top-down ship hull icon which gives you an indication of the speed rating for the ship at different points of sail. You'll notice that there is no number present when moving straight forward as ships can't sail directly into the wind.

1st Rate Ship Of The Line - Firelock Games

The column marked with an F shows you the amount of fatigue a ship can and has taken. This works out a little bit like the crew's health and for each point of fatigue you have, you will roll one less dice for attacks and skill tests.

You'll also see a column marked with a D. This is the standard amount of damage that a ship can take. If all of the circles here have been marked off the ship speed is reduced and it becomes vulnerable to critical damage!

6th Rate Ship Of The Line - Firelock Games

If a ship ever has both columns completely filled in then the ship will strike up its colours. Plastic clips are going to be introduced into the game so you can play with the cards right out of the box but you could also sleeve these and then a dry erase marker to count the damage. I think I prefer the clip idea!

Off to the other side of the card, you'll also see a bunch of special rules associated with the different ships, showing off the difference between some of the smaller and larger options presented to you in Oak & Iron.

Pledge Manager Open

As well as previewing these cards from the game the team also opened up the Pledge Manager for Oak & Iron which will run until the end of May. You can find it HERE but in the meantime, if you're still wondering about the game you can check out our Let's Play here.

Make sure to tell us what you think about the game and if you'll be heading out onto the high seas!

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"...the team also opened up the Pledge Manager for Oak & Iron which will run until the end of May"

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