Flytrap Factory Go Ranging With Animals & In 15mm

April 30, 2019 by brennon

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Flytrap Factory has been tinkering away on lots of different projects recently. One of these sees them returning to a familiar scale, 15mm. Here we have their Rangers Of The Watch.

Rangers Of The Watch - Flytrap Factory

They look to be tinkering away with a selection of characters that might be good for those who are looking take a different direction with Rangers Of Shadow Deep. Perhaps you fancy playing things out on a much smaller scale, using 15mm for your solo adventures on the tabletop?

With Flytrap Factory potentially making the main characters for warbands you could then look to other companies like Splintered Light Miniatures for the enemies you'll be facing.

Mouse Rangers

If you fancy taking an alternative approach to the idea of ranging out across the tabletop then we also got a look at more of the Netherworld's Edge range they've been developing, namely these wonderful looking mice and birds.

Netherworld's Edge Mouse Rangers - Flytrap Factory

These are looking fantastic and if you were considering playing out something like Rangers Of Shadow Deep with a twist, you've suddenly got a cool selection to pick from. I also really like those big birds in the background, designed to fit the scale of the mice!

I'm always excited to see what Flytrap Factory have been working on, especially when they step into the realm of anthropomorphism! I might go on about it a lot but I think there is a childlike charm to these kinds of figures, reminding us of the kind of books and cartoons we used to get absorbed in when we were younger.

When you suddenly then give them swords, shields, bows and arrows you help a lot of us relive those moments!

What do you think of their current plans?

"I think there is a childlike charm to these kinds of figures..."

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