Fogou Models Have Some Grave Concerns About Tombs & Barrows

April 25, 2022 by avernos

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Fogou Models are heading to Kickstarter tomorrow to run a quick campaign to expand on their fantastic range of drystone terrain pieces which are perfect for fantasy games and historical encounters from ancient times right up to modern conflicts.

fogou Models_Grave Concerns

Fogou Models // Grave Concerns

There are two sets that have been shown off for this campaign so far, a set of curved drystone walls and a selection of barrow entrances. Despite being perfect for 28mm gamers the terrain itself is a mixture of scale agnostic tombs, walls and casks to form the centrepiece of all sorts of tabletop miniature games, and what would normally be a small barrow entrance in 28mm can easily be a normal aperture for 15mm or a cyclopean one for smaller scales.

Fogou Models_Barrow

Fogou Models // Barrow

I love the barrow entrances and already have the large one they brought out years ago, all you need to do is build up a polystyrene hill and then add the resin to the front to make a feature of a regular hill or a fantasy village that is different from the normal huts for barbarians or monsters. They also paint up super easily, I've even done a Gerry Can using some of the dark age drystone buildings.

Fogou Models_Walls

Fogou Models // Walls

The walls look great and they have the same interlocking system that was brought in for the Ring Fort sculpt to hide the seam while keeping them from sliding about too much. Again these are a lovely set of resin with so much use on the tabletop that they become a required buy for most people. There aren't many games out there that you don't need obstacles for and these are a beautiful set to have in your collection.

The campaign itself is going to be shorter and run a little differently from previous Fogou campaigns as explained by the man himself below.

Extra excited about this campaign as I’m trying a short duration with an emphasis on discounts rather than stretch goals. There will be a couple of extra bits in addition to the tombs but the main reason to back is that you will get the gear FAST and CHEAP!
If it works out I’ll be able to bring you little releases sprinkled in with the big projects and allow me to work on a wider variety of subjects, which would be nice!

I take this to mean that he is finally going to make my Broch! *happy dance* but even if he doesn't this is a welcome addition to my already substantial collection and worth signing up to the Kickstarter if you're interested.

It's pronounced Fogoooooooooou Models

" There aren't many games out there that you don't need obstacles for and these are a beautiful set to have in your collection."

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