Footsore’s Vikings Get Themselves New Surly Sheildmaidens

June 27, 2018 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures is showing off some more of their new Vikings with a focus towards epic female models. This time we're looking at some work-in-progress sculpts for this band of deadly women warriors.

Viking Shieldmaidens - Footsore Miniatures

Here you can see each of the warriors, some clad in armour whilst others have gone for furs and leathers. You could imagine them as a hefty unit of Hearthguard in your games, although I like the idea of expanding things out to make them into a full-on fighting force of female raiders. Not extremely historically accurate, but darn awesome.

We also have this Valkyrie sculpt they've been working on. I like the focused look to the warrior woman, sword at the ready and shield up as part of the wall.

Valkyrie - Footsore Miniatures

It seems like it is going to be getting a little harder for me to avoid SAGA. The idea of working on a specifically focused project is very enticing!

Free First King!

As we come towards the end of June it should be noted that Footsore Miniatures has been giving away a miniature for King Alric for free to orders over a certain value via their webstore.

King Alric Footsore Miniatures

If you'd like to get your hands on the first King Of The Visigoths then you just need to pop on over to their website and see what takes your fancy.

Have you dabbled with the idea of running an entire Shieldmaiden force?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Have you dabbled with the idea of running an entire Shieldmaiden force?"

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