Forwyn Carys Previewed From The World Of Darklands!

October 22, 2014 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures have shown off another ace looking hero for the world of Darklands via the updates on their First Edition Kickstarter. See what you think of the heroic Forwyn Carys...

Forwyn Carys (Front)

Forwyn Carys (Close-Up)

Forwyn Carys (Rear)

This warrior woman has been sculpted by Juan Navarro Pérez and she looks like quite the commanding figure already. I'm a big fan of the armour design and I think the hair looks brilliant too. Plenty of detail to be bought out there with washes and some highlighting.

My one niggle however is that the shield arm looks a little bit unnatural at the moment for some reason. It looks like it should be held at a different angle, more flush with her bended knee, just so it worked with the flow of the miniature as a whole.

Overall though not bad right?

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