Snag A Free Miniature With Crucible Crush’s Black Sun Kickstarter

July 16, 2019 by brennon

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The team at Crucible Crush are getting stuck into their revamped Kickstarter campaign for Cthulhu 1968: Black Sun and are offering up a backer incentive where you could snag yourself a free miniature.

Black Sun Kickstarter Logo - Crucible Crush

The game focuses in on the idea of brutal conflicts in the jungle between not just the Americans and the Viet Cong but also strange monstrous forces like the Adaro, Fury Bugs and even some twisted Golems. You can find out more about the game HERE in an article series written by Lee of Crucible Crush.

Black Sun Starter Pledge - Crucible Crush

As you can see, the Starter Pledge comes with quite a lot of goodies included within it and if you back before July 17th you'll get a free Deep Ones Adaro with an RPG in hand, perfect for blowing stuff up!

Black Sun Free Miniature - Crucible Crush

If you're already part of the Kickstarter then this has already been added into your pledge so you'll be able to snag this fellow too which is very nice of Crucible Crush.

Mixing Things Up & Stretch Goals

As well as the free miniature being added in for supports there's also a way to do a lot more mixing and matching when it comes to the campaign. Not only are different factions available for the Starter Pledge but they've bolted on new ways for you to add specific figures into the mix as well. And, you have the Stretch Goals they are aiming for.

Black Sun Stretch Goal - Crucible Crush

So, as well as some additional troopers there is the chance to snag yourself a free Col Condrad Kildeer character as well if you help them reach their funding target.

You will also find a new PDF pledge level included for those who want to get stuck in with the rules in digital format. If Cthulhu and the Vietnam War floats your boat, make sure to dive in and check out the campaign.

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"You will also find a new PDF pledge level included for those who want to get stuck in with the rules in digital format..."

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