Snag A Look At Full Oak & Iron Rulebook From Firelock Games

September 6, 2019 by brennon

Firelock Games has now released the full Oak & Iron rulebook so you can get your head around the rules for the game before you dive into it soon. You can download it for free HERE.

Oak & Iron Rulebook - Firelock Games

The rulebook offers up all of the things you'd expect with guides for combat, movement and everything else. For example, you'll find rules for building up your squadron and also playing multiplayer games too.

Oak & Iron Rulebook Preview #1 - Firelock Games

The rulebook seems like it has been nicely put together with all sorts of diagrams and clearly marked gameplay elements focused in on. I haven't taken a proper deep dive into the game but it does seem like it will be a neat one to learn.

Oak & Iron Rulebook Preview #2 - Firelock Games

One of the key elements which will be fun to dive into in more detail is the way movement works and if they've managed to simulate the wind properly. Plus, we certainly want combat to be dangerous and brutal as cannonballs go flying around!

Additionally, the final pages of the rulebook also give us a glimpse of the different sets coming your way.

Oak & Iron Fleets - Firelock Games

It looks like we're going to see some nicely themed forces with the Men Of War, Merchant Men, Gentlemen Of Fortune and Ships Of The Line. I love the covers to these which take on the look of classic artwork from the period.

Will you be snapping up this download so you can learn the rules ahead of the release?

"Will you be snapping up this download so you can learn the rules ahead of the release?"

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