Gangland Girls & Exotic Pets For Pulp Figures Adventures!

January 15, 2021 by brennon

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Pulp Figures has a few new sets of 28mm miniatures popping up for those who want to take on their next mission of daring-do in a Pulp setting. A band of Gangland Girls are putting folks out of commission first with guns at the ready.

Gangland Girls - Pulp Figures

Gangland Girls // Pulp Figures

I like that we've got a familiar femme fatale in the mix there but also a set of ladies who are packing heat and ready to blow people away. I particularly like the miniature in the top left with the classic gangster-style hat and Tommy Gun at the ready. These would make for some seriously cool characters to play as in a skirmish game.

All those ladies are pretty darn awesome but they get blown out of the water by this next set for Crash Callahan & Fred.

Crash Callahan & Fred - Pulp Figures

Crash Callahan & Fred // Pulp Figures

Brilliant! I love the look of both characters and it's ace to see that the set comes with the pair mounted atop their motorcycle and sidecar and on foot for when things get up close and personal. Pulp games can be about smoky rooms and shadowy dealings but it's fun to add a dose of action-comedy into the mix too.

Lastly, and perhaps the object of desire for some of these ladies, we have a set of Exotic Pets which can be added into your Pulp games.

Exotic Pets - Pulp Figures

Exotic Pets // Pulp Figures

These look like they could well be the pets of some villainous overlord or crime boss. You could also step away from the idea of them being pets and instead paint them up in metallics and use them as marvellous treasures which need to be "liberated" and put back in a museum!

There are some fun releases from Pulp Figures here and I bet there are plenty of ways you could use them across all manner of games.

What do you think?

"I bet there are plenty of ways you could use them across all manner of games..."

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