The Monstrous Gausamal Joins Privateer’s Draken Armada

January 12, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press have a few more releases for the Draken Armada of Monsterpocalypse this month. The first of these is the mighty Gausamal who is slithering forth to bring destruction to many a city on the tabletop.

Gausamal - Monsterpocalypse

Gausamal // Monsterpocalypse

Here is some of the background on this monstrous mix of the mechanical and the draconic...

"The third Draken Armada monster that humanity was introduced to is the most extraordinary. Gausamal is a serpentine creature that is truly at home in space. Her grace and intelligence are easy to see, but her rage is ultimately terrifying. When calm, she uses subterfuge to defeat foes. But when things look their darkest, and she embraces the heated emotions that all Draken are capable of, she becomes an avatar of destruction humanity is lucky to have on our side."

It's neat to have another very different looking monster for the world of Monsterpocalypse. Whenever I think of this game I tend to think of Kaiju-like creatures and King Kong but there is much more beyond that within this collection.

Supporting Gausamal and the incursions of the Drakan Armada we also have this set of Stalkers and the Draken Mystic.

Stalkers & Draken Mystic - Monsterpocalypse

Stalkers & Draken Mystic // Monsterpocalypse

Once again, here is a bunch of the background on these draconic individuals who are going to be swooping down onto the tabletop and burning things to a crisp...

"As with the Coursers, the Draken Armada also utilizes trained creatures from their homeworld as aerial hunters. Stalkers range ahead of their masters, keeping pace with the Coursers below. When a target is spotted, they descend to breathe fire from a distance or tear into a tougher target with claws and fangs. Draken Mystics are gifted with a deep connection to the strange energies that power the race’s technology. They are marked from birth with a serpentine form that makes them easy to distinguish from their less-gifted fellows. Their lifelong training gives them unequalled power to aid those they lead into battle as well as their newfound allies."

If you're looking to dive in and check out Monsterpocalypse and you're a fan of dragons then I think that this set of creatures might be good fun to collect, paint and play with.

What do you think of this new monster?

"I think that this set of creatures might be good fun to collect, paint and play with..."

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