A Peek At The Gen Con Releases From DUST 1947

July 23, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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It seems we're not the only ones going bananas (ape humour) for Paolo Parente's DUST 1947 because there are some fantastic new releases on the way. DUST 1947 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, so naturally, there has to be some new shinies at Gen Con.

Let's take a look at the run-down of releases we can expect to see at Booth 3053 at the show...

First off, my favourite, Gregor the Defector! The miniature looks absolutely amazing, but so does his art! Seriously! Would you mess with this guy? The good news is, he's a Mercenary. The bad news? Well, there's no bad news unless someone can pay more than you.

Speaking of Mercs, there's also Magda and Flamingo. These ladies don't mess around and are bringing the big guns.

The Spetsnaz (Hooray!) are also getting some love with a new Army Box as well as Natasha/Anatoly.

The Axis are also getting some new additions in the NDAK Army Box, Raketentruppe Tank-Hunter Squad, Heavy Grenadier Headquarters, and a nasty new walker, the Sturmluther/Stummel/Prinzluther.

Holy moly. Maybe now would be a great time to try playing the Axis...

And last, but certainly not least, there's some new terrain on the way for the Mythos, by way of the Cthulhu Shrine. This, no doubt will look fantastic on your table. It beckons both, "Come closer" and "I'd stay out if I were you."

I mentioned Paolo Parente's amazing art earlier, and to add to the Gen Con excitement, they will have dual sided art posters!

The only thing left to wonder, is which side you display?

What do you think of the goodies DUST 1947 is bringing to Gen Con?

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