Give Miniatures A Venetian View With New TTCombat Terrain

July 4, 2019 by cassn

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TTCombat have been living la vita Italiana recently with their Streets of Venice terrain. Last week saw the fabled city rise out of the water with their Raised Street Sections, but now the team at TT Combat are taking us down to waterside with their canal level sections.


This stair set of two small and one medium sections can be used for going up and down to the water, and can also be stacked on top of other regular sections to create stairs to higher raised platforms.


TTCombat have also been showcasing their new Ruined Streets terrain, transforming the Italian city of love into a veritable Venetian battleground. The Ruined Streets pack is available in two sizes - small and large.


Each section is smashed differently, and the terrain can fit together in a variety of ways, ensuring that your street looks unique!


There's also a Ruined Streets Plaza section which locks together into one large section, or alternatively comes apart into two completely separate pieces!

TTCombat will be releasing these feats of Italian architecture this weekend, so make sure to check out their website on Friday for the launch.

Will you be joining the Brotherhood of Venice? Comment below!

"A veritable Venetian battleground!"

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