Gnomes Clash With Faeries In New Moonstone Troupe Boxes

August 14, 2019 by brennon

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Goblin King Games has now offered up two new pre-order options for those that want to delve deeper into the whimsical world of Moonstone. Come and take a peek at some new Gnomes and Faeries starting with the Blood Magic Troupe!

Blood Magic - Moonstone

This set comes with their leader, Dianna, Queen Of The Fae alongside two of her most trusted attendants, Foxglove and Belladonna. As always, the miniatures from Moonstone are absolutely packed with beautiful detail and look absolutely stunning. Yes, these are renders but if you check out more of the range you'll see that they can deliver high-quality models.

Dianna is going to be going up against the Gnome Outlanders led by Joanna, supported by her friends Loci and Muridae.

Outlanders - Moonstone

Once again, it's awesome to see more of this folklore and whimsy brought to the tabletop. There are two companies out there right now that really seem to get this right, Goblin King Games and Warploque Miniatures. I would recommend delving into both of their collections as they have stunning arrays of miniatures to choose from.

Diana Vs Joanna - Moonstone

This is one of the most significant updates to both clans, giving loads of new options for both Gnomes and Faeries. I love the difference in scale between the two characters as well, showing how tiny these little fae creatures are compared to the comparatively huge Gnomes!

I may have to pick up some of their Faerie creatures simply to paint them up. I know a lot of folks in the studio would probably like this range too.

What do you make of these new Moonstone releases?

"I may have to pick up some of their Faerie creatures simply to paint them up..."

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