Go Witch Hunting With Wood Axe’s Newest Release

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Wood Axe is a small operation but they do a lot of great looking little miniatures. The newest of these is this Witch Hunter which is now available over on their Etsy store.

Witch Hunter - Wood Axe

This fellow looks like the right kind of killer you need for hunting vampires, ghosts, heretics and more. I love that as well as the sword he has the axe bolted onto the end of the gun, turning the firearm into a deadly weapon in close combat too.

Witch Hunter Breakdown - Wood Axe

Sculpted in high-quality resin this would be a great new miniature for someone looking to build up a warband in games of Mordheim or perhaps taken further afield into a game like 9th Age or Warhammer Fantasy.

I am a big fan of Witch Hunters and their zealous ways on the tabletop so this could be a good excuse to rouse the peasants and go hunting monsters.

What do you think of the sculpt?

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