Grey For Now Games Peek Ahead; Monks & More For Test Of Honour

March 9, 2020 by brennon

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Grey For Now Games is peeking at what's on the way for Test Of Honour in their latest update. We start with the news that we're going to be seeing some new Sohei Monks from Rob MacFarlane who has been tinkering away digitally.

Sohei Monks - Grey For Now Games

These are going to be a good addition to those building up an Ikko force on the tabletop for Test Of Honour. As well as a selection of basic Monks the team are also going to be working on a Mounted Leader, Standard Bearer and also some additional troop types. I like the look of them already, covered in plenty of detail and just spoiling to be introduced into the game.

The traditional sculptor, Stavros Zouliatis is working on some goodies too as he recently previewed the Ikko-ikki Peasants.

Ikko-ikki Peasants - Grey For Now Games

This peasant militia are presented here as a ragtag bunch of rebels who are going to try and defy the rule of the Samurai on the tabletop. They are useful as those trying to bravery stand against tyrants as well as bandits, paupers and degenerates who might be a little bit scummy. They could also be plain-clothed ninjas as Grey For Now stated in their news piece.

April looks like the month when we're going to get a bunch of awesome new miniatures so watch this space!

Have you been playing Test Of Honour?

"Have you been playing Test Of Honour?"

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