Grey For Now’s New Samurai Lead Clans Into Battle

September 20, 2021 by brennon

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Grey For Now Games has been expanding on their excellent skirmish game, Test Of Honour, with some new Samurai. You can snag two of them from their webstore whilst another has been added to the Giants In Miniature range by Wargame Illustrated.

Yagyu Clan Samurai - Test Of Honour

Yagyu Clan Samurai // Test Of Honour

Two of the clans get Samurai this month with the Yagyu Clan popping up first. This is a proper classic Samurai stance and matches their background too. The Yagyu Clan were famed for their skills with a katana and they even founded a school where they gave instruction to the Shogun.

Two of the cards that he gets to use in-game mirror this training. One boosts his attacks for a turn whilst the other gives bonuses to those followers of his that he has trained. A nice miniature with thematic cards!

The next of the Samurai comes at the head of a warband from Tokugawa.

Tokugawa Clan Samurai - Test Of Honour

Tokugawa Clan Samurai // Test Of Honour

The Tokugawa were wise and made fruitful alliances with powerful warlords. They were even able to convince clans to switch sides during the final battle at Sekigahara which allowed them to take control of all of Japan.

This is reflected in the cards that the miniature can use. Patience gives them a bonus towards the end of the game whilst Prior Arrangement can be triggered to make an enemy warrior switch sides! Take Command also allows a Champion to take on the mantle of Hero when the leader is slain. A clan which has a lot of staying power and tricks they can put into effect1

The Tiger Of Kai

The last of the Samurai for this month was commissioned by Wargames Illustrated for their Giants In Miniature collection. Here we have the powerful Takeda Shingen.

Takeda Shingen #1 - Giants In Miniature

Takeda Shingen // Giants In Miniature

As a powerful daimyo, Takeda was able to bring together both military prowess with diplomatic nuance. He took control of the Takeda clan in 1540 and won many battles over twenty years.

Takeda Shingen #2 - Giants In Miniature

Takeda Shingen // Giants In Miniature

He was well known for re-arming his horse archers with spears and turning them into lancers. This meant that his cavalry would soon become feared and could enact shock and awe charges that won him victory upon victory.

A cool character and miniature that should suit your Test Of Honour collection very nicely. Test Of Honour does look like a super intriguing game and it would be great to hear from those who play the game what they think of its growth with the new edition.

Are you going to be snapping up these Samurai?

"Test Of Honour does look like a super intriguing game..."

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