The Greyjoys Go Raiding In FFG’s Game Of Thrones LCG

July 31, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games is going raiding with the Greyjoys as they get their Deluxe Expansion for A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game.

Game Of Thrones LCG Greyjoys - FFG

Within each of the Deluxe Expansions for A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game you get a large array of cards focused towards a particular faction. In this case, we are looking at a new array of characters, events, plots and more which are focused towards the raiders of Westeros.

Game Of Thrones LCG Greyjoy Cards - FFG

This means we're going to see Fantasy Flight delving deeper into the story behind these reavers from the salty seas with alternative takes on characters like Balon Greyjoy who has always enjoyed play in the card game regardless of his iteration.

It's also nice to see Asha return as well with a new card to her name. She looks like a dangerous character indeed once again bringing stealth to the tabletop so she can ignore foes as she makes challenges AND an amazing ability if you focus yourself towards a complete Ironborn deck.

It isn't all Greyjoys however and each of the other factions gets themselves a few cards to bolster their decks.

Game Of Thrones LCG Alt Cards - FFG

Stolen Message is an interesting looking Plot indeed and really feeds into knowing and controlling your opponent's deck. Neutral cards as a whole were a real focus for me when I was back playing A Game Of Thrones as a lot of my focus pushed towards playing Night's Watch with a heavy push towards Wildlings.

There will be something for everyone within this expansion so give it a look and tell us which House you support!

I'm certainly a Stark at heart!

"It's also nice to see Asha return as well with a new card to her name..."

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