I Am Groot! The Guardians Pop Up In Marvel: Crisis Protocol

November 19, 2019 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has shown off some previews of the next wave coming for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The Guardians Of The Galaxy look to be the focus of the wave which is coming in a few months and they are ace!

Rocket & Groot - Atomic Mass Games

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Taking the first spot for this selection of previews we have Rocket & Groot who are a perfect pairing of course. I love that both of the models are twined together in their sculpts, Rocket using the crushing slam from Groot as a way to ride towards his enemies, gun at the ready. I hope that they have some rules which allow for some synergy between them.

Next up we have Star-Lord or Peter Quill who is the leader of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, well, as long as Thor doesn't get his own way.

Star Lord - Atomic Mass Games

Once again, we're getting a neat sculpt for Star-Lord where he is leaping up into the air with the aid of his rocket boots, twin blasters at the ready. This is another cool and dynamic sculpt for the game which fits into the action-packed nature of the game.

Finally, for the Guardians Of The Galaxy, we also have Gamora & Nebula. Gamora has been sculpted to match up more with her comic book version and Nebula has a little bit of both about her appearance.

Gamora & Nebula - Atomic Mass Games

I think folks would agree that the Guardians Of The Galaxy were pretty unknown until they popped up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now they are some of the most beloved Marvel characters out there. With that in mind, it really did make sense to include them in the early round of releases for Crisis Protocol.

One thing that this does start to bring to the tabletop is the idea of different terrain. We've seen a lot of Earth-based stuff so far but with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, you can start to explore spaceships, alien planets and much more.

The Black Order

With our previews of Thanos popping up at Essen SPIEL this year, it seems apt that we're also seeing The Black Order coming to the tabletop to support the Mad Titan.

Corvus Glaive & Proxima Midnight - Crisis Protocol

Corvus Glaive & Proxima Midnight look bloomin' awesome! I love the stances once again and they have the power and sense of villainous intent that you'd expect from this pair. They seem like a good pair of characters to throw into the mix against The Avengers as Thanos searches for the Infinity Stones.

There are some really fun models coming for Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

"...with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, you can start to explore spaceships, alien planets and much more"

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