Gunfighter’s Ball Kickstarter Is Half Way Through And More To Come!

December 4, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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Forrest Harris the mastermind behind Knuckleduster Miniatures reached out to me to give us a heads up on the next goal for his Kickstarter Gunfighter's Ball.

This is a 28mm western skirmish wargame set in the glorious Old West. Forrest has been doing wonderful miniatures for many years and has really advanced his technique.

I own several of them myself. The Kickstarter is trying to bring the complete game and not only miniatures and it has funded plus some. This is what forest had to say:

Knuckleduster Miniatures’ Gunfighter’s Ball Kickstarter campaign has met its goal and unlocked three stretch goals; Rattlesnake Jack, The Chaco Kid, and a gunfighter in the tub called the Bathtub Belligerent. Now we’re working on a set of special ability cards and this critter here: Mangus. He’s a mountain of a man, but he’s not the shiniest marble in the jar; no Scrabble champion by any means!

Mangus looks rather familiar and I would love to add him to my collection. If you love the Old West like I do and would be interested in getting into a good western game that does not go Weird (no offence to those that like that). This is looking to be a rather solid campaign and I have backed it myself.

Are you ready to ride pardner?

"Forrest has been doing wonderful miniatures for many years ..."

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