Hardcore Miniatures Head To The Jungle With Iconic Heroes

March 2, 2020 by brennon

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Hardcore Miniatures has also heeded the fall of the jungle and unleashed a new set of six Jungle Fighters for you to use in all manner of Sci-Fi games. You might also see some familiar faces amongst their ranks which are just begging to be painted up as their namesakes.

Jungle Fighters #1 - Hardcore Miniatures

This set of six miniatures allows you to make a squad of veteran soldiers who are heading out into the jungle in search of monsters to bring low. Each of them seems to have their own specialities and come armed with a variety of weapons. You've got regular rifles but also some smaller weapons and a flamethrower for good measure. Of course, they are also just rocking their t-shirt saves because who needs armour right?

Jungle Fighters #2 - Hardcore Miniatures

As I mentioned above, you also probably recognise some of these characters from famous action films of the retro age...and the modern-day too. If you can name all of them in the comments below then you might get yourself a nice internet-based cookie as a reward.

Jungle Fighters #3 - Hardcore Miniatures

I think that, rather than using these miniatures as a squad of their own in battle, you could instead drop them in as leaders for various units. You could, however, use them as a Kill Team if you were so inclined, fighting their way through the grim darkness of the far future in search of some terrible warlord who needs to be brought low.

Jungle Fighters #4 - Hardcore Miniatures

The team at Hardcore also said that a few weapons can be swapped and tweaked in different ways plus heads can also be moved about too. That way you can arm each hero with the exact weapons you require. So, make sure that you get stuck in via the comments and let me know how you'll be using these famous action heroes!

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"...let me know how you'll be using these famous action heroes!"

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