Hasslefree Miniatures Update A Classic Fantasy Barbarian

May 15, 2020 by brennon

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Hasslefree Miniatures have been tinkering around with a classic sculpt and updating it for the modern-day. Here we have Anvar The Barbarian who might be familiar to those of you who played through Fighting Fantasy books back in the day.

-5ebe51a876c39--5ebe51a876c3aAnvar The Barbarian - Hasslefree Miniatures.jpg

This miniature might be a little ways off getting put into circulation but I'm sure that as soon as he is available, a bunch of people are going to be snapping him up. As well as this version with the sword on his back there might even be a few different options like a guitar...or a tophat? I think a few folks might enjoy turning him into a Bard-Barian!

Anvar is looking pretty ace and the sculpt manages to bring in elements of old school Fantasy alongside a modern sculpting style. What do you think?

Let us know if you remember where Anvar is from in the comments...

"I think a few folks might enjoy turning him into a Bard-Barian!  "

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