Heavy Gear Blitz War For Terra Nova Hits Kickstarter Running

October 23, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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The Heavy Gear Blitz - War for Terra Nova - Starter Set by Dream Pod 9, is on Kickstarter and has hit the ground running! They are half way to their funding goal and this Kickstarter is to fund molds for their plastic miniatures. These high quality multi-part miniatures for their tabletop wargame will form the new two player Basic Starter Set of 16 miniatures - with 4 different models right out of the gate.

heavy gear blitz

They're not stopping there either! A Core Starter Set is also available, with stretch goals that will unlock new models and add more and more minis. Their goal is a Core Starter Set with 46 miniatures and color quick start rulebook that will be added after reaching the 13th stretch goal. This would allow for a variety of eighteen different models from 4 factions in a Core Starter Set for two players, with a multiplayer option of up to four players.

Heavy Gear blitz rules

What's not to love about that? We love minis and choices! How better than to get into a game where you could try a few different factions to see who you really like?

Will you be heading into the War for Terra Nova?

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