Hero Forge Offer New Posing Options For Your Miniatures

April 20, 2019 by brennon

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Hero Forge is now offering a lot of advancing posing options for those building their heroes for role-playing games and beyond.

HeroForge Materials

As well as the standard options available for each of your characters in the game you can now twist and tweak their heads, arms, torsos, hands and more. These can then be 3D printed by the team at Hero Forge in a range of different materials (see above).

Whilst the plastic option (far right) is their cheapest option I think that if you're ever going in on this you should go for the Premium Plastic approach as it delivers the cleanest finish for the price.

Hero Forge Examples

You can see some final results of people's work on Hero Forge models below...

Hero Forge Example #1 - HeroForge

This work on both this Sci-Fi and Fantasy hero (below) shows off just what you can do with the range of different options as part of the Hero Forge program. John has even picked up a miniature from these folks in the past and he very much enjoyed the final result.

Hero Forge Example #2 - HeroForge

White Crow Studios are responsible for the painting here. I now really, really want to pick up a few miniatures from this collection!

"...you can now twist and tweak their heads, arms, torsos, hands and more"

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