Hexy’s WarTiles Tinker With Shadespire Worthy Tokens & Markers

June 20, 2018 by brennon

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Hexy has added some new WarTiles to their collection for those playing Shadespire and needing a bit more bling. They have created a set of new Game Tokens...

Shadowpike Game Tokens - WarTiles

...and Objective Markers to be used in the game which have a stained glass style to them. The counters and markers from the main box are very good for Shadespire, but this gives you some distinctly more colourful looking markers to use in your games.

Shadowpike Objective Markers - WarTiles

A bit more gamer bling is nothing to sneer at and if this makes your set feel that little bit more complete then they are a nice little purchase. A lot of people are making Shadespire THE game they play, so when you're looking to invest in it a bit more beyond buying additional warbands, pieces like this are key to making it feel a bit more complete.

What do you think of the designs?

"A bit more gamer bling is nothing to sneer at..."

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