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November 4, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop aren't leaving Middle-earth out of the mix with some new goodies coming out this week for those who play factions from The Hobbit. Three new packs of Profile Cards are going to be landing on shelves soon.

The Hobbit Dwarves Cards - Middle-Earth

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The first of these sets offer up the cards for the Dwarves of The Hobbit. You'll find here Thorin’s Company, Army of Thror, Erebor Reclaimed, The Iron Hills & The Wanderers in the Wild.

This is then supported by more from the side of Good in The Hobbit.

The Hobbit Good Cards - Middle-Earth

This set then adds in all of the other Good factions fighting alongside the Dwarves as The Lonely Mountain is reclaimed. Here you'll find cards for the Army of Lake­town, Survivors of Lake-town, Garrison of Dale, Rivendell, Halls of Thranduil, Radagast’s Alliance, The Misty Mountains & The White Council.

Lastly, it wouldn't be a clash without some Evil folk to go up against, would it?

The Hobbit Evil Cards - Middle-Earth

Inside this set, you'll get  Azog’s Hunters, Azog’s Legion, Dark Powers of Dol Guldur, Dark Denizens of Mirkwood, Goblin-town, The Trolls & The Desolator of the North.

These are very handy cards for those who are going to be getting a lot of gaming in. Just using these as a reference in gameplay makes a big difference compared to flipping back and forth through the rulebooks. They can also be made more useful with a set of card sleeves which allow you to mark important updates with a dry-erase pen.

Pick Up Some Old Heroes

You will also be able to pick up some rereleased miniatures this weekend to match these card packs including Young Thorin, Balin and Dwalin.

Young Thorin Balin & Dwalin - Middle-Earth

Mirkwood and Azog's band of Hunter Orcs are also catered for and you can see the various packs available to you this weekend HERE.

I must admit, I'm not as enamoured with the journey of Thorin & Company on the tabletop. I love The Hobbit as a book and think the films are ok but there's something about the design of the models which just doesn't sit well with me. I really like the look of the older models from The Lord Of The Rings however and am constantly tempted back into it!

I have a few times now considered picking up other Dwarves, namely from Oathmark to use instead to play out my journey to The Lonely Mountain.

What do you make of these new Middle-earth offerings?

"These are very handy cards for those who are going to be getting a lot of gaming in..."

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