Hulk Rampages Into Fantasy Flight’s Marvel Champions Soon

March 4, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing a new hero for Marvel Champions and this time it's another ally from the base game. Here we have The Incredible Hulk who is ready to smash everything in his way!

Hulk Hero Pack - Fantasy Flight Games

This new set, as with all of the other Hero Packs for Marvel Champions, gives you a game-ready version of the Hulk to throw into the fight. It comes with all of his core hero cards plus a pre-made deck based around the Aggression sphere. You'll also find a few cards in there which you can use for deckbuilding purposes as you tweak the other available heroes to suit your playstyle.

Hulk Hero Spread - Fantasy Flight Games

Hulk is, as you'd imagine, quite an angry fellow. He has absolutely no Thwart ability so you'll have to really get stuck into the beatdown on a particular villain if you want to win a given scenario! To help him in that regard, he has access to a hefty three Attack and three Defence meaning that he can weather pretty much anything you throw at him and he can dish it out to minions and villains alike.

Also, he has plenty of cards which buff him even more. Hulk Smash (above) allows him to boost his Attack by an impressive ten and then benefit from overkill as he powers into the villain. Still, you're going to have to find a way to mitigate the amount of scheming the enemy can do as time does not wait for a raging Hulk!

Of course, Hulk also benefits from being the genius Bruce Banner. He can dive into your deck and find the cards you need, setting up Hulk to get stuck in and do the fighting. I have a feeling that once Banner turns into Hulk there won't be much changing back as he gets stuck into battering everything in his path.

Hulk Mat

As well as the new Hero Pack coming later this year, you've also got a themed mat to go with him. I like all of the mat designs from Fantasy Flight Games for their range of heroes and they'd be a good way to keep all your goodies in one place.

Hulk Gaming Mat - Fantasy Flight Games

So, with Thor, Doctor Strange, Black Widow and now Hulk making their way to the tabletop for Marvel Champions, the array of options when assembling your team have grown significantly. Are you going to be diving in and trying out Hulk at your next session?

What do you make of the Hulk Hero Pack?

"...the array of options when assembling your team have grown significantly"

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