Gary Hunt Miniatures Go Hunting With New Barbarian Hyenaman

December 20, 2017 by brennon

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Gary Hunt Miniatures have expanded upon their collection of Barbarians for the Fantasy Warr range as they look towards their Hyenamen with their newest release bringing some pets along to the fight.

Hyenaman - Southern Barbarian (Render)

The original render shows off the basis for the sculpt and you'll notice that the model has actually graduated very nicely towards the final stage of production with the painted version below.

Hyenaman - Southern Barbarian (Painted)

You can actually grab rules for playing with these warriors over on their website with the Fantasy Warr Rulebook available for download HERE. Of course, you could go beyond that game and use them in whatever worlds you feel would be appropriate.

I was getting a Conan vibe from this particular fellow for example.

What do you think of this Hyenaman?

"...their newest release bring some pets along to the fight"

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