Legendary Ichiko Kuga Joining Warcradle’s Lost World Exodus

April 30, 2021 by fcostin

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Dystopian Wars was not the only game system to see a new pre-order for this month from Warcradle Studios. As the Legendary Ichiko Kuga prepares for battle in Lost World Exodus, ready to fight on the American Frontier in Wild West Exodus for May this year.

If you loved the Pride of Nekomata Detachment Set, a posse containing the zen yet lethal inhabitants of Rishiri Island: Ichiko Kuga and her companion Akarui will be no stranger to you.

Legendary Ichiko Kuga // Lost World Exodus

Ichiko Kuga is a member of the Japanese spirit walkers known as the Nekomata. She acts as their leader, Komanu Rayon’s adviser and close companion. A deeply spiritual fighter, Kuga has the closest connection to other Kami than her kin.

After travelling to the Lost World in Antarctica, Kuga used this spiritual empathy to form a connection with one of the exotic species she encountered there. Akarui is a small, timid feline that, when imbued with the spirit of the Kami, increases in his size and ferocity. Akarui permits Kuga to ride him into battle when he has assumed this larger form and the pair make a formidable fighting team.

Ichiko Kuga // Pride Of Nekomata Detachment Set

Ichiko Kuga and her companion Akarui features in the Pride of Nekomata Detachment Set, however, you may notice a slight difference in the size of her beastly ally. Akarui has more than tripled in size, proving this legendary character to be a force to not be reckoned with. You can adapt your playstyle using the perks of each model to your benefit in play.

All Lost World Exodus models can be played in Wild West Exodus, as they take to the frontline of the United States of America. Each character has been optimised to be played in both game systems, with an affiliated faction. So you can take the Legendary Ichiko Kuga into battle with not only the Crown (when Lost World Exodus becomes available) but can team up with your Warrior Nation faction too.

What is your favourite release for Lost World Exodus?

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