Infinity Defiance Enters Its Last Day On Kickstarter

November 18, 2019 by avernos

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Unless you have been hiding out on a rock on the other side of the galaxy then you probably already know that Corvus Belli have a Kickstarter running for their Infinity based space ship crawler Infinity Defiance. But as they enter the final 24 hours we're going to take a quick look at what you can get for your game as they make their final push, and let me tell you some absolutely massive unlocks have occurred over the weekend.


As you can see the Megalodron certainly warrants the "mega" prefix and this beast has to be manufactured in PVC plastic as dropping this bad boy on a table in metal may cause the legs of your table to wobble. It's a standalone mission that can be added to pledges for $30 but is included in the deluxe and platinum pledge levels.


Apart from the Megalodron, the base core game of 12 miniatures has been expanded extensively. There are two more mission packs Outcast and Revenant, to increase the missions and storyline that your crew of the Defiance will have to explore and there are a whole host of new heroes that have been unlocked to crew your ship. Corvus Belli are on target to hit the million which will turn the alternative parts for your heroes that have already been unlocked into full minis so you can pick your favourite to play with. There's a whole host of reinforcement packs as well, it's worth noting that the rules for them in Defiance are included in the mission packs and not in the box, but it does mean if you already have the figures from your Infinity army you don't need to buy them again just to get the rules which is cool.

Scenery, tokens, card and dice have all been giving the Kickstarter treatment so if you fancy dipping your toe into the Human Sphere and trying out Infinity for the first time, time is running out to join.

Infinity Defiance, it's super fantastic great!

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