Investigate Mysteries & Pilfer Loot With Lucid Eye Releases

September 17, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has added some new releases onto their webstore this week for those who like dungeon delving and solving mysteries. First up we have the Ghost and Blades & Souls versions of the Dungeon Adventurer Halfling Thief.

Ghost Halfling Thief #1 - Lucid Eye

You can either choose to pick up the Ghost plastic version of the Halfling Thief (above) or the metal version from the Blades & Souls collection. Either way, you're getting a nice grumpy looking Halfling who is very clearly annoyed that you made him miss his second breakfast!

Halfling Theif - Lucid Eye

I love the grumpy expression on his face as if he'd prefer to be doing anything other than wandering through a dungeon picking up treasure. Perhaps instead it is an expression of grim purpose as he wanders up behind someone ready to stick that blade into their back!

He is a great match against the other Fantasy releases from Lucid Eye with their Elf, Wizard and Barbarian. You already have a party of four! However, you are missing a healer...

Investigate Celestial Horrors

Away from the realm of Fantasy we also step into one of horror and pulp adventure with the newest addition to the Toon Terrors range. This quirky range now has a new investigator with the snooping Minty Green.

Investigator Minty Green - Lucid Eye

She has all the trappings of an early 20th Century investigator with her unassuming outfit and a gun at the ready should some horrible creature clamber from the sewers. She is the first investigator we've seen for the range but hopefully, there will be a few more on the way to go up against the Shallow Ones and creepy monsters already available within the range.

Are you liking these new sculpts from Lucid Eye?

"She is the first investigator we've seen for the range but hopefully, there will be a few more on the way..."

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