Japanese And German Armoured Officers Lead the Attack In Konflikt 47

June 10, 2018 by dracs

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Warlord Games have released some new officer figures for the Japanese and German forces in Konflikt 47, using the latest in heavy armour to protect them on the front lines.

The German War Machine

The Germans make good use of their Heavy Infantry Armour, and the officers of these companies go similarly attired for war.

The German Heavy Armour Platoon Officers lack the heavier weapons of their men, but nonetheless provide a valuable leadership role as their platoon form the spearhead of the attack.

Also accompanying the German forces are the new specialist Medic.

It should not be possible for a medic to look that creepy.

These guys accompany elite German units, using experimental rift-tech to bring wounded soldiers back from the brink. Of course, there may be one or two long-term side effects...

Leading The Japanese Charge

The Japanese are well-known for their Banzai charges, made more dangerous by their Battle Frames.

The Japanese officer leads from the front, wearing armour that embodies their the nation's samurai heritage.

I love the look of the Officer model. It is just the right level of over the top, and the simple addition of the crest turns the domed helmet into a proper kabuto.

Which faction would you side with in Konflikt 47?

"It should not be possible for a medic to look that creepy. "

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