Jetbikes Will Soon Soar Out From Puppets War

November 17, 2017 by dracs

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Puppets War have published a couple of previews promising some alien jet bikes to send soaring over the gaming table.

Jet Bike

These jet bikes look rather aerodynamic, almost blade-like. You could imagine them effortlessly slicing through the air. I like also that the design steers clear of repeating more familiar styles and does give us something rather alien.

Puppets War are currently looking for names for the jet bike on their Facebook, and are also looking for opinions on a selection of heads they have previewed for the riders.

Jetbike Rider Helmets

These heads keep to the sleek, alien design of the jet bikes and I think they work really well. I especially like the two with the blank visors, although, since I collect Harlequins, the skull faced one would be rather fitting for my army.

What names can you think of for the jet bikes? Which helmet is your favourite?

"You could imagine [the jet bikes] effortlessly slicing through the air..."

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