Join The Musketeers On Another Pike & Shotte Adventure

September 28, 2015 by brennon

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Warlord Games have put together a few new packs of metal miniatures for use in Pike & Shotte to bolster the French forces during this turbulent period of history. See what you think of both Musketeers Marching and Veteran Musketeers protecting the King...

Young Guns

Each of the soldiers looks ready and raring to go with all of their kit about their person.

Musketeers Marching (Front)

Contrary to what you might think the strongest men were usually drafted into the Musketeers rather than the rank and file infantry simply because they were the only ones able to heft those heavy guns.

Musketeers Marching (Rear)

In later years the musket became more portable and easier to use with the bandolier being a big turning point. These flasks of powder made reload times plummet and of course made all those people with the money feel better. Always good to cut down waste.

Old Hats

While there were plenty of Musketeers the veterans made firing these weapons into more of an art form. Veterans were deadly with these weapons and could lay down a withering amount of fire before moving on and keeping their enemy at bay from range.

Veteran Musketeers (Front)

Veteran Musketeers (Rear)

I see a lot more facial hair which is always good to see when you're looking at painting miniatures. Beards and long hair mean faces don't just look like pink masses for those of us who can't paint eyes!

What do you think?

"Each of the soldiers looks ready and raring to go with all of their kit about their person..."

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