The King In Yellow Comes To Arkham Horror In Echoes of The Past

October 30, 2017 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight have released the latest Mythos pack for the Arkham Horror Card Game. It's time to take in a show and delve into the history of Arkham as you play through the Echoes of the Past.

Echoes Of The Past

Echoes of the Past sees the investigators trying to find out the sinister secret that lurks behind The King In Yellow, a play that has come to Arkham, with insanity and death trailing in its wake.

Your investigations take you to the Arkham Historical Society, where you seek for answers in the winding maze of its archives.

Echoes of the Past Card

Echoes of the past card

However, you are not the only ones to have ventured here, as a group of cultists also seek the secrets of the play. They will also be gathering up clues, using them to advance their adgenda and spell out your doom.

Echoes Of The Past Art

The idea of delving into the historical records of Arkham is a very intriguing one. Just imagine the sanity breaking secrets you will find hidden there!

Do you dare to peak behind the curtain of The King In Yellow?

"Seek for answers in the winding maze of [the Arkham Historical Society] archives..."

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