KLUKVA Take Command With An Infected Admiral & More WiP Projects

August 24, 2018 by brennon

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Available as part of their much larger range, KLUKVA Miniatures shown off their Infected Admiral from SculptCraft Studio.

Infected Admiral #1 - KLUKVA Miniatures

This miniature has been around for a little while but it's rather awesome, showing off a commanding officer which has been infected by an alien creature or something darker than that.

Infected Admiral #2 - KLUKVA Miniatures

I think you could make this into an excellent diorama. You could have his claw dripping with blood as he strides across the bridge of his ship, his once-crew butcher around him. With the advent of object source lighting, you could create this scene as the red alert alarms play over his body.


However, this isn't the real reason why we're talking about this model as KLUKVA are also planning some new sculpts in the near future too. First up we have this version of Guts from Berserk clad in his full armour.

Armoured Guts - KLUKVA Miniatures

This would be a good match to the existing Guts model they have created. I like the idea of using him as an Oathbreaker Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons who might have a sideline bit of multiclassing into Warlock.

He will have made a pact with some demonic force that betrays his God and now seeks revenge for those who have killed his family.

Talking of dark creatures from the beyond it looks like we're getting more on the DOOM front. Here is the start of one of the Hellknights from the new game.

Demon WiP - KLUKVA Miniatures

Hopefully, we'll eventually end up seeing a full on range of Demons that can create a proper diorama for the DOOM Guy.

Will you be keeping an eye on their work?

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