KLUKVA Miniatures Finish Off A Trio Of Sci-Fi Outlaws

April 20, 2019 by brennon

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KLUKVA Miniatures has finished off their trio of awesome Sci-Fi Outlaws which might be familiar to fans of Overwatch.

The Trio #1 - Klukva Miniatures

The set of miniature will make you characters from the video game, namely McCree, Ashe and her bodyguard Bob. This is perfect for those looking to create a diorama based on the recent animated short...

You know, as much as I frown upon the fact that KLUKVA Miniatures are taking these characters from Overwatch and Blizzard...I also really like what they're doing and think they've done an awesome job on the range.

The Trio #2 - Klukva Miniatures

I really hope that Blizzard actually gets behind KLUKVA and help them create these officially for us to enjoy. A lot of people would love to actually get their hands on more of these miniatures and the entire roster of heroes and villains from the video game.

Fingers crossed that this doesn't have to skirt the edges of legality and instead becomes something more official in the future.

Heck, maybe we could actually see a proper Overwatch board game!

What do you make of this trio?

"Heck, maybe we could actually see a proper Overwatch board game!"

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