Krennic & His Death Troopers Battle Rebels In Star Wars: Legion

December 5, 2018 by brennon

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Once we'd seen Fantasy Fight Games show off Jyn Erso it was clear that we'd be seeing more from Rogue One for Star Wars: Legion. Lo and behold this week we saw the preview for Orson Krennic and his Death Troopers.

Director Orson Krennic - Star Wars Legion

Krennic is, as you might imagine, an insidious and tactical commander, working in the background to further his own agenda with Command Cards which really build on that side of his personality in-game.

Orson Krennic Animation - Star Wars Legion

He is no slouch on his own against foes but one of his real strengths lies in the Entourage rule which allows him to bring to battle his own unit of Imperial Death Troopers.

Imperial Death Troopers - Star Wars Legion

You will have seen these soldiers in action during Rogue One, fighting up the beaches against the Rebels who infiltrated their base. They are, as you might have guessed, pretty darn good at fighting and come armed to the teeth.

Imperial Death Troopers (Miniatures) - Star Wars Legion

They are also incredibly diligent, veterans of many battles, and have the ability to remove a suppression token when issued an order, able to push forward even when you're trying to pin them down. These are the Storm Troopers who don't miss their targets.

Loyal Companion

As well as these releases for the Imperials in Star Wars: Legion the Rebels also get some support in the era of Han Solo and the gang with Chewbacca coming soon too.

Chewbacca Expansion - Star Wars Legion

Not only is Chewbacca a Wookie, opening up the inherently powerful abilities like enrage but he also fights in close combat with four red dice! He also carries around with him his bowcaster giving him some dangerous options up close and at range. Always let the Wookie win!

Using his Companion and Guardian rules Chewbacca is also able to work alongside the likes of Han Solo very well indeed. Stepping in and taking the hits for his friends gets Chewbacca the boost he needs to become a berserk killing machine!

What do you think of these new expansions?

"These are the Storm Troopers who don't miss their targets..."

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