Kromlech Take & Hold The Sci-Fi Hive City Mansion

February 19, 2019 by brennon

Kromlech has shown off another of their larger MDF pieces for those building Sci-Fi cities. Here we have the Hive City Mansion which looks like it would be a great centrepiece on the tabletop, held by those loyal to the Imperium.

Hive City Mansion #1 - Kromlech

This is a large new structure which is covered in bits and bobs to make it stand out on the tabletop. There are plenty of buildings in this style which don't have the gubbins on the exterior making them seem flat and boring but the work has gone in here to make it pop a little more.

Hive City Mansion #2 - Kromlech

This should be pretty easy to paint too. A bit of metallic work on the extra pipes and windows alongside a slate grey and hearty dose of weathering works for the walls. You can also see that the top features a large open section for putting your units.

Hive City Mansion #3 - Kromlech

Whilst it's not exactly very eye-catching from the top it does work for gaming purposes. You could fit a fair few units up there!

What do you make of Kromlech's Tabletop Scenics range?

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"What do you make of Kromlech's Tabletop Scenics range?"

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