Kromlech Release Wave Two Of Their Hospodars Dwarves!

June 4, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech has now released the second wave of miniatures for those building up a Hospodars Dwarf force on the tabletop in their Fantasy wargames. New characters, troops and artillery has been added into the mix this week.

Hospodar Boyarina With Hammer & Sickle - Kromlech

Hospodars Boyarina With Hammer & Sickle // Kromlech

We start with a couple of the characters from the new wave of releases. There are two new Boyarinas for you to play with in your army armed with different weapons. You've got the lady above who is rocking the hammer and sickle (very apt) and this lady with a pair of axes to her name.

Hospodar Boyarina With Two Axes - Kromlech

Hospodars Boyarina With Two Axes // Kromlech

Both of them would make great frontline fighters and leaders for your armies on the tabletop. I think of the two of them I prefer the Boyarina with the hammer and sickle. I think the miniature has got a very "matter of fact" look to it where she's simply not impressed by the enemy sitting before her.

New Hospodars Units

As well as the new characters, we've also got a couple of new units and their command elements to play with. We start with a staple of any Dwarf force, the gunline. Here are the new Riflemen and their Command set too.

Hospodar Riflemen - Kromlech

Hospodars Riflemen // Kromlech

Hospodar Riflemen Command - Kromlech

Hospodars Riflemen Command // Kromlech

Everyone knows that a Dwarf likes a good ranged weapon to pick off his foes from afar. So, you've now got a bevvy of pistols, rifles and stubby looking weapons for you to point towards your enemy. The Command set obviously comes with a champion, standard bearer and musician as is the Fantasy staple!

Even Dwarves are capable of surprising their foes and that's where the Miners come in. This new set gives you a set of dour-looking fellows who are prepared to pop up behind enemy lines and cause carnage.

Hospodar Miners - Kromlech

Hospodars Miners // Kromlech

It comes with a range of Dwarves armed with mattocks, drills, picks and more. All of these can be helpful tools and deadly weapons. Once again, you've also got a Command set that offers up another set of characterful soldiers for your army.

Hospodar Miners Command - Kromlech

Hospodars Miners Command // Kromlech

I am really liking the style of these miniatures from Kromlech. I think they've done a good job of balancing what we'd expect from a Dwarf army whilst also adding their own unique spin on it. I reckon it would make for a fun army to show off on the tabletop.

Big Guns

As well as the units and the characters we've also got a new piece of artillery too. A new Organ Gun is in the mix with its rather flamboyant crew.

Hospodar Organ Gun With Crew - Kromlech

Hospodars Organ Gun With Crew // Kromlech

Super stuff and just what you need if you're looking to rain lead down on your opponent. Cannons are all well and good but things get even more interesting when you can cut down an entire rank or two with even more shot!

Are you tempted by the newest wave of Hospodars from the folks at Kromlech?

"Are you tempted by the newest wave of Hospodars from the folks at Kromlech?"

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