Kromlech’s New Hospodar Dwarves March To War

April 12, 2021 by brennon

Some excellent new Hospodar Dwarves are marching to war from the folks at Kromlech. This is the start of a pretty unique looking Fantasy army that brings an Eastern European feel to this stalwart of the genre. Check them out!

Hospodars Boyar - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Boyar // Kromlech

At the head of the army, we have a Boyar here. Armed with a mighty mace and a very stoic look on his face, this bearded fellow is looking to lead his army of stunties to war. You could imagine him trudging out of a mountain hold with a dour expression on his face and the need to settle grudges!

As well as a Boyar we also have this equally brutal-looking Boyarina who is ready to chop off some heads. I love that she's got her battle pipe at the ready, able to puff along as she slaughters her foes.

Hospodars Boyarina With Great Axe - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Boyarina With Great Axe // Kromlech

I think you can guess the Eastern European/Russian influences present here amongst the range! They are all hats and sparkly gold. I think it's a very fun alternative look for an army of Dwarves and matches well with their nature.

New Dwarven Troops & Artillery

As well as the two new characters, we've also got four sets of foot troops that will form the core of your army. There are two sets of Warriors and then some Veteran Warriors who are going to be watching over those Boyars and Boyarinas.

Hospodars Warriors - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Warriors // Kromlech

Hospodars Warriors Command - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Warriors Command // Kromlech

As you can see, this offers you the option of some core warriors that will work well as your line troops. They are armed with some iconic Dwarven weapons like maces, hammers and axes. The same goes for the Veterans who have levelled up their weapons into some brutal looking axes.

Hospodars Veterans - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Veterans // Kromlech

Hospodars Veterans Command - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Veterans Command // Kromlech

I love how old school these fellows look. They don't have any knees and they also have those excellent tall hats. Add to that, those big scruffy beards and you've got some great bodyguards who are ready to protect their lords. I love all of their angry and disgruntled looking faces!

The last bit of kit for you to pick up is the Hospodars Cannon With Crew. That is a rather ornate cannon that is going to be utterly crushing regiments into dust.

Hospodars Cannon - Kromlech NEW

Hospodars Cannon With Crew // Kromlech

You have the classic crew for this set including a loader, rammer (hah) and someone to light the cannon. I like that they light their cannons with the other end of an axe. I wouldn't mess with this crew!

Are you going to be snapping up this collection of miniatures from the folks at Kromlech?

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