Snag Goodies During Kromlech’s Webstore Birthday Next Week!

March 26, 2021 by brennon

Next week, Kromlech are going to be firing up their Webstore Birthday which will be packed with deals and more for you to snag. Things will start on 1st April and then will continue until 6th April. Don't worry, it isn't an early April Fools' joke!

Birthday Sale - Kromlech

Webstore Birthday Sale // Kromlech

At the core of the Webstore Birthday Sale is going to be a grand 15% off their Frostgrave Official Terrain Series and 20% off all other categories on their webstore. There is MORE coming up as part of the sale but we'll go into those details next week!

Make sure to note when this is all going live. 1st April through to 6th April! We will make sure to give you the lowdown about the sale next week when it fires up so don't worry.

Are you tempted to snag some new Kromlech kit next week?

"Make sure to note when this is all going live..."

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