The Latari Elves & Uthuk Get Reinforcements For FFG’s RuneWars

June 28, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have been building on the units available to both commanders of the Latari Elves and the Uthuk with some new RuneWars releases on the horizon. Firstly, we're going to take a peek at what's coming around the corner for the Latari Elves with Prince Faolan.

Prince Faolon - RuneWars

Model-wise, Prince Faolan is looking rather awesome indeed. I love the sculpt for the on-foot character, sword resting across his shoulders as if he has utter disdain for his opponent. The mounted version too, sitting atop his cyrssaerele looks menacing and dangerous. It reminds me very much of the cockatrice enemies from Dungeons & Dragons.

Prince Faolon Model - RuneWars

Prince Foalan is helped in his defence of the realm by a cohort of riders. The Ventala Skirmishers really hit the nail on the head for me in terms of design, taking the idea of a Centaur to a new level.

Ventala Skirmishers - RuneWars

As proper skirmishers, the Ventala will be riding around the flanks of the enemy force to try and deliver crushing blows to their exposed troops. They have a terrifying aura about them as well, looking like the wood itself has come to life.

Ventala Skirmishers (Models) - RuneWars

I would still say that is is a shame that the models that Fantasy Flight Games are making for RuneWars are duplicates across each 'set'. This is a problem I've had with Privateer Press in the past, and it can sometimes break the immersion when it comes to looking at your unit as a whole on the tabletop.

It hasn't appeared as too much of a problem with the larger units in RuneWars because the poses are very animated but when you see these smaller elite units it is very easy to tell. I suppose that's where you could get out the clippers and get all hobbyist on these models?

Uthuk Rage

As well as the Latari Elves we also have three new sets to look out for from the rampaging forces of the Uthuk in RuneWars. At the head of this new horde is Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar.

Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar - RuneWars

Now that is how you do a hero and his mount. The on-foot version of the model is rather cool, if a little wild, but I think the monster is superb here! Sticking with the large and the deadly we have the Obscenes here, lumbering Ogre-like warriors who are ready to crush the enemy lines into dust and bloody bones.

Obscenes - Warlord Games

Again, I like the models, and they would work very well with just one or two of them in your force. You can, of course, find out more about all of the creatures and units listed here by following the links to the tactical articles by Fantasy Flight Games.

Lastly, we have the Viper Legion with their bows at the ready to take foes out at range.

Viper Legion - RuneWars

They are deadly archers as it is, able to inflict levels of Lethal onto their foes, but they can also sow panic amongst the ranks of their enemies, making them a great way to soften up units before the hammer of your army strikes.

What do you think of the new releases coming your way for RuneWars?

"They have a terrifying aura about them as well, looking like the wood itself has come to life..."

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