Learn The Ways Of The Waiqar Necromancer In RuneWars

May 16, 2017 by brennon

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The world of RuneWars is getting another preview of what lies ahead as Fantasy Flight Games give us a look at Ankaur Maro and ways to use him in your games at the head of a Waiqar army.

Ankaur Maro

This new character comes with both his mounted version and his on-foot one too. As well as the character and his upgrades you'll also get all manner of other bits and pieces for fine tuning your force on the battlefield.

He is able to not only heal his forces but also bring back his undead warriors to the tabletop. Suddenly you're going to need more Skeletons!

Ankaur Maro (Stats)

While he can summon forth the undead he also wounds himself in the process, so it's worth working out the tactics for using him closely. If you screw it up then he could be a target for enterprising enemies.

Will you be playing as the Waiqar in RuneWars?

"Suddenly you're going to need more Skeletons!"

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