Lion Tower Miniatures Preview Patreon Druids, Drow & More

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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Lion Tower Miniatures has been showing off more of the 3D Printing Files they have been working on for those who back their Patreon project. If you join in and support them you could get your hands on options for a Drow which is certainly not Drizzt for example.

Drow - Lion Tower Miniatures

This is a rather epic looking take on the classic Drow warrior. You could easily paint this chap up as a normal Elf or maybe even a proud and haughty Eladrin for your Dungeons & Dragons games. I like the addition of more armour across the model and the big chunky gauntlets.

As well as that Drow there are some options for those who might have been encouraged to try out the path of the Monk in Dungeons & Dragons by Beau from Critical Role. Here we have a number of models which have alternative heads (see Facebook for more) and some cool weapons.

Monk - Lion Tower Miniatures

I like that each of the models here is very dynamic and certainly offers up a cool look at these Monks in motion. Once again, as mentioned above, these monks come with lots of alternative heads and I have just picked out my favourites here.

Monk Alt - Lion Tower Miniatures

As well as this pair of Monks you can also embrace the whims of nature in a different way with their wild and dangerous-looking Druid kits.

Druid - Lion Tower Miniatures

This is a rather awesome howling Druid who has truly made sure he looks as threatening as possible. You could imagine him wandering through the woods and perhaps spooking your adventurers who have been sent to find out what is happening out there in the dark corners of the forest. He also comes with some different head options and a Bear!

Bear - Lion Tower Miniatures

I do like a good bear. They are always really fun to paint and give you a nice primal look at nature on the tabletop. Make sure to go and check out their Patreon and delve in to see what else is included for those who pledge. The 3D printing idea here is great for a growing trend in hobbying.

What do you make of these digital sculpts?

"The 3D printing idea here is great for a growing trend in hobbying..."

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