Lucid Eye Unlock The Cosmic Vault & Meet A Frazetta Queen

August 4, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been showing off three new releases for their various collections. We start with something cosmic and very pulp as they introduced the Uriel II miniature looking like he's come from the cover of a classic rock album or VHS tape.

Uriel II - Lucid Eye.png

Uriel II // Lucid Eye

If you're someone who likes your grand space operas, or the old films that get shown on TV every afternoon on a Sunday then this seems like a set for you. It has serious Flash Gordon etc vibes going on and I think it would be fantastic to see someone paint this up in some seriously poppy colours. I'm thinking blues, yellows, golds and plenty of flashing silver.

Lucid Eye Burn The Witch!

As well as that space-faring pair we also got a look at something a bit more grimdark from their Blades & Souls collection. Here we have Witch Finder II who is keen to burn a few witches!

Witch Finder II - Lucid Eye.png

Witch Finder II // Lucid Eye

Again, it would be great to see someone paint up this character with some appropriate colours to fit the tone. I think you could either go with plenty of black and grey here to make him feel imposing or switch things up and go with a deep blood red. I think a wine-like red for the outfit and the warmth of some object source lighting coming from the right-hand side would make this fellow pop. You'd get the impression that he's overseeing a towering inferno where witches are being burned alive.

Sculpting A Frazetta Queen

Last but not least we have the Egyptian Queen which has been sculpted up to slot into their Frank Frazetta collection.

Egyptian Queen - Lucid Eye.png

Egyptian Queen // Lucid Eye

Much like with the rest of their Frazetta range, this is very much a collector's piece rather than something to use in your games. Steve Saleh has done a sterling job on matching the sculpt to the artwork from the very talented Frazetta and now it's just up to you to make sure the painting does it justice!

Are you tempted by these new miniatures from Lucid Eye?

"Steve Saleh has done a sterling job on matching the sculpt to the artwork from the very talented Frazetta..."

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